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Keynote Speakers at the Conference

We are proud to announe the participation at our Electronic District Conference of:


Assita Kanko

Keynote speaker at the Opening Ceremony on Friday October 1st 


Assita Kanko 

Member of European Parliament, author, columnist, entrepreneur, mother and women’s rights activist.

Assita Kanko is an elected Member of European Parliament since 2019. She is also a published author and newspaper columnist. Kanko’s party and voters call her “untameable and free”. As a lifelong and passionate campaigner and writer on the empowerment of women, she has been determined to put the issue of ending the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) at the top of the political agenda. Being a survivor of FGM herself, she wants to help the millions of girls and women around the world affected by this practice, including the 500,000 living here in Europe. Kanko has gained support across the political spectrum for a resolution to update its strategy on this issue, and successfully nominated and campaigned on behalf of the Sakharov Prize finalists "The Restorers". This is a group of five teenage girls from Kenya, who created an app to raise the alarm on this awful crime.


Kanko also works extensively on issues such as cyberbullying, victims' rights and migration and she has played a central role on the debate around the rule of law. She believes that only by truly listening to the hopes and concerns of voters, the EU can hope to gain the trust and support of its citizens.

            In 2018, she founded Polin, a cross-party political incubator aiming to empower women in politics. Prior to joining Parliament, Kanko served in a board of directors, worked for a bank and later for companies where she structured international operations for European businesses and African SME’s. She has a degree in international politics and an executive MBA from Solvay Brussels School. She is fluent in English, Dutch and French.

 Assita Kanko



Nancy Vermeulen

Keynote speaker at our Alumnae event on Saturday October 2nd

 Nancy Vermeulen 3 Nancy Vermeulen is an interdisciplinary professional with a broad range of experience in the ”space science and aerospace sector” as an astrophysicist, commercial pilot-instructor, senior aerospace consultant and strategic advisor. Nancy’s passion for aero- and astronautics brought her into personal contact with one of the greatest pioneers of the commercial space industry, Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson. Nancy specialized as a flight instructor for professional pilots, flew private jets and became an independent specialist in “Space Training”.

Master in theoretical physics and astronomy, airline pilot - senior flight instructor, Commander of a Mars simulation in Utah, participant in the ESA astronaut selections of 2008. Nancy Vermeulen also applies her combined knowledge and experience to the business community by giving lectures and team building workshops. She is a well-known motivational and inspirational speaker.


If you want to learn more about Nancy Vermeulen :


Nancy Vermeulen 1