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District 27 Conference 2021

 Watch the video's of the 3 Conference days

Watch the Aftermovie : Behind the scenes of the Conference


 Dear zontians of District 27,

In January we decided to organize an electronic District Conference. We wondered how Zonta would prosper in 2021? And how we could stay connected in friendship based on our common ideals?

We told you we could do this by embracing technology! We promised you that we want to bring all Zontians together for the Zonta Business and feel the Zonta Friendship and connection and experience FUN moments with an electronic conference. Zonta could be in the living room of Zontians who have never been to a Zonta Conference before.

The District Conference 2021 starts here!

The district board and the conference team have fulfilled all these promises. The program will be slightly different from what we are used to, but the frame is partially the same. Candidates for elections will present themselves in a short clip or PowerPoint. Voting for elections will be during the week preceding the conference. Voting for district rules, resolutions and reports will be as usual on Saturday morning. One thing is sure; it will be an innovative way of doing Zonta business.

We have created this event site to help you register to the electronic conference, to have access to the main Conference documents, to view the Conference agenda and find the links to the online sessions, to have a look at the participants' list.

Besides the Zonta on Tour cyclists, Zonta Waasland organizes ‘The Zonta Walk’ challenge: all Zontians of our District can connect on Strava to participate in the challenge wherever they are. We also invited interesting keynote speakers on the theme ‘Education, key to empowerment’, but we have kept de time slots limited so that we don't have to sit in front of the computer all day.

We promised you it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
We kept our promise. So here we are, and check it out!

Ann Naets, District Governor

Liesbet Van Landegem, Conference Chair

Dafne Reymen and Karine Pierré, Conference Co-chairs


Check out our Online Conference Magazine with the official invitation: