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Elections of the new District Board

Dear delegates,

You will be able to elect the members of the new District Board for the biennium 2022-2024 between 11th and 29th September, with a possible 2nd ballot on the 30th September.

You have received your election form by e-mail on the 11th of September. If not, please check your spam folder or contact us at


Please find hereunder the links to the candidates' presentations :


For Governor

One candidate, one has to be elected.

UTE NOESKE (Area 07 - Germany)

For Lieutenant Governor

One candidate, one has to be elected.

RIA MATTHIJSSENS (Area 06 - Belgium)

For Treasurer

Two candidates, one has to be elected

CORNELIA KLINGLER (Area 03 - Germany)


For Nominating Committee

Four candidates, three need to be elected.

PETRA HELF (Area 03 – Germany)

SUZANNE LORENZO (Area 02 - France)

UTE RITTMEIER (Area 07 – Germany)

SUSANNE TIEDCHEN (Area 07 – Germany)